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Helpful commands in Anaconda

Create an environment using a specific version of Python

You can create a virtual environment with a specific version of python this way:

`conda create -n myenv python=3.6`

Clone environment

You can clone an environment

`conda create --name myclone --clone myenv

List environments

What environments have you created? Find out with this:

`conda env list`

List packages in an environment

To list the packages when you are inside an active environment, type this (within the environment).

`conda list`

List the packages in an inactive environment

Maybe you want to see the packages in an environment you aren't currently using. Just type this (substituting the name of the environment for myenv).

`conda list -n myenv`

Listing specifications of an environment

This command can be helpful to see the details about what's installed within an environment

`conda list --explicit`